Who We Are

Liquid Education is a contact and resource center that connects potential students with career colleges, universities, and technical and trade schools. We provide outlets and opportunities so potential students can advance their education.  Our Contact Center Agents help make these connections with individuals and the schools to help them achieve lifetime goals. 

Liquid Education was founded in 1985 as a direct mail, publishing and telecommunications company operating under the name of Target Marketing, Inc. In 2005, the company was acquired by PlattForm and in 2013 the contact center was renovated and its name changed to Liquid Education. In 2019, Liquid Education was acquired by Education Dynamics.

As a division of Education Dynamics, Liquid Education provides enrollment solutions for Education Dynamic's Inquiry Generation clients through inbound and outbound calling. We have contributed to successful customer growth from the for-profit career college sector to include traditional colleges and universities. As a result, we are known for generating top-quality inquiries for postsecondary education clients across the United States.

Our mission statement defines our purpose:

Through the power of Education, we make connections that change lives. 

And our values reflect our core beliefs and guide our company’s culture:

Growth –

We expand opportunities through learning and relationships

Excellence –

We pursue high goals and strive to improve quality every day

Integrity – We do what’s right: Our commitment to integrity sets us apart

Respect – We value every employee, client, and prospective student

Purpose – We are proud to change lives through education
Play – We celebrate success and make time for fun

Our team works hard every day to provide superior customer service to each potential student we reach. With over 200 employees, our company continues to grow as we attract new employees from across the greater Kansas City area to begin careers in our professional facilities in Lenexa, Kansas. Take a look at what we do: